Online Slots

Online slot machines are a dime a dozen—there are so many to choose from! Every slot machine is a little bit different in terms of the number of coins that you need to enter to play.

There are slot machines that require as little as a penny, there are nickel machines, quarter machines, and they only go up from there. You can decide how much you can afford to lose and base your choice of minimum deposit based on that and it will also help you choose the slot machine that is right for you.

Different Types of Slots Online

Luckily, learning how to play slots is not difficult at all. In fact, playing is easy, choosing the right online slot machine is easy but maybe not as straight forward as you may have thought it would be.

You may be overwhelmed by the number of slots to choose from, but generally speaking they are all very similar. They may require more or less coins, especially if you want to play the maximum number of coins, but most of the machines are very similar so you don’t need to be overwhelmed by all of your options.

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Playing slots at the casino

Once you choose your machine you’ll deposit coins as required by the machine, and then you’ll pull a lever that will start the spinning of the reels.

The three to five reels will then spin and then stop randomly and the combination of the symbols on the reels will determine your payout. The payout schedule is usually located right on the front of the machine, so you will have an idea of what your payouts are going into the game as long as you look at the payout schedule.

Luckily, the machines figure the payouts for you so you don’t have to be a math genius to get the money you have won!

Slot machine strategies

Slots is straight forward, but there is a strategy that you should consider. The best slots strategy is one where you use the maximum number of coins. The fewer coins you use the lower the payoff percentage will be if you win.

Even if you can’t afford to play the maximum on the $5 machines you may still be able to afford to play the maximum on the nickel machines. Just remember that the more coins you play the larger amount of money you can stand to win when you get lucky.

Before you play you always want to look at the minimums and maximum amounts of coins required to play. If you are interested in playing for a shorter period of time with a chance to win the largest sum of money you should play maximum number of coins.

If you want to stretch out your winnings a bit and aren’t as concerned about large wins, you should play somewhere between the minimum and maximum number of coins as this will give you everything that you want from the slots experience.

Straight and Multi-payline slots

Have you ever gone to a casino sites with free signup bonus and seen all the different types of slot machines that they have? Been confused more then once on some of the different types, or what the different types are? This will help clarify some of the types of slot machines that one might find out there.

First off there is the Straight Slots. The straight slots are basically slot machines only play slot games, and they tend to pay out on the standard pay table. The pay table is usually listed on the slot machine itself. There also are wild symbols or cards, which usually pay out if they are seen on the screen even if they are not on the pay line.

In straight slots there is a game called the multiplier. That basically means that one or more of the reels in the game area that ‘multiplies’ a win by a certain amount.

There is also a bonus multiplier that means that you get an extra bonus when one or more of the reels has a symbol that multiplies a bonus you receive if you get that symbol as well.

There are also Multi-payline slot machines. That means that basically there is more then one pay line. They can range all the way up to 30 pay lines. You bet on whichever pay line you would like to bet on. Each pay line that you want to bet on is considered to be a new bet. So, on some machines you can bet up to 20 times.

Secondly, there is a type of slot machine that is called Progressive slots. This basically means that these slot machines are usually linked to more slot machines, either in the casino or wherever you are playing. This means that the jackpots of these machines are all put together. But the way to win those types of slots is to hit the right combination.

Bonus game slots

Thirdly is a type of slot machines called the Bonus Game Slots. These are basically just like regular slot machines, but they incorporate an extra fun game at different intervals during your game play when you hit the right combination. In online slot games, this combination is usually 3 or more special symbols on the reels. You can either win free spins, a bonus game or both.

Those games give you the chance to win some extra money without you needing to make a bet. But always be sure you know that the reason you can get these large wins is because the lines overall payout less often. That is why you should take advantage of the online slot bonuses offered at the different slots websites.

These are considered better because it gives the user the chance to take a break from the pulling of the reel to have a little bit of fun. Casino games could be anything from finding treasure chest, avoiding the bees, to even stopping the reel to get the highest possible bonus that you can get. These are always the ones to look for, because they are unique, and extremely fun at the same time. You will never know what you get.

Finally, there is a popular type of online slot machine in Europe and specifically the UK called Fruit machines. These are similar to traditional three reel slot machines. The only difference is that you are allowed to nudge the reels in either direction to try to complete the single payline.

I hope this helped your sort out the basic types of slot machines, and helped you to situate between the different types as you play them. These slots can be fun and entertaining and the same time, so to the reels!

Slot Machine Terminology

Whether you are new at Slot Machines, or are a veteran it is always good to keep up with your slot machine terminology. Here are a few basic terms that one should know when they get ready to pull that reel.

First off is Hand Pay. Hand Pay usually occurs in the higher slot machine payouts, or if the slot machine that you are playing at incorrectly gives you the wrong amount of winnings. If the amount you were to win is greater then the amount of money, or credit, that they have in the slot machine itself you can go get the slot machine attendant, or the cage player, and they will pay you. The term when they pay you is Hand Pay due to the fact that they are handing over your pay.

Secondly there is Hold Percentage. The hold percentage is usually discussed among the casino executives where you are playing. It is the opposite of the payback percentage, and it represents the amount of money the casino is making from that particular machine, or there whole slot department in general. This is also known or thought of as a betting fee.

The next term you should know would be the Payback Percentage. The Payback Percentage is the amount of money that the slot machine will eventually over time pay back to the player. This amount of money isn’t for a single spin, or a couple, tens, or even thousands of spins.

This is confusing for some people, and is often misunderstood among some. The Payback Percentage applies to the total amount of dollars that run through the machine, and not the money that you yourself have entered into that machine.

Progressive Jackpot

Fourthly there is a term called the Progressive Jackpot. The jackpot is the amount on the slot machine as each bet is played. Progressive Jackpot’s can be put into two categories. The two categories of Progressive Jackpot are called the Individual Progressive Jackpot and the Multiple Progressive Jackpot.

Individual jackpot is a progressive jackpot that one builds up on that individual machine. While multiple progressive jackpots build as bets are placed on multiple slot machines. This basically means when more then one slot machine is linked to a single progressive jackpot. The slot machines jackpots tend to grow a lot more faster by multiple progressive jackpot then with the individual progressive jackpot.

Another term commonly used when trying to find out your odds of hitting that jackpot is the RNG. Each slot machine that you or anyone else plays on has a computer chip in it that generates random numbers or symbols.

RNG in and of itself mean Random Number Generator. The RNG will determine if your spin is a winner or a loser. This chip continues to generate numbers or symbols constantly, about 1000 per second, until you put a coin into the machine. Once you pull the lever the reel stops on the number that the RNG determined for your game when you placed the coin into it.

I hope this has helped you a little bit when you hit that game floor in the casino. You want to seem like you know what you are doing, if you are new that is, and now you have the chance to sound like you have been doing this for years now.

Why Are Slot Machines So Popular?

Most likely many if not all of your have heard about the most popular Casino game out there, the Slot Machine. But have you ever wondered why the slot machine became the most popular Casino game, or how it even got so popular in the first place. Well you are about to find out.

Before we get into the article too much I believe one of the facts that the Slot Machine is so popular is because it is so cheap to play, pennies, nickels etc. There is the fact that the slot machines themselves have a chance to pay out a Jackpot. These Jackpots can be very big, and who doesn’t love winning money or having the chance to win so much money, but putting so little into the game.


First off we have the penny slots. They are advertised a lot in the casinos but not a lot of people understand why. First off you can only put two or three dollars in at a time. But the reason that the penny slots are more popular is the fact that it only costs a penny to play. This means you don’t lose as much if your luck wasn’t with you that night. You can play one hundred times for only a dollar, not that bad.

You have one hundred chances of winning something for only a dollar. Very cheap, and that is why people flock to the penny machines. It also gives people the entertainment portion without taking loads of your money every time you play them. At the end of the night you might have the exact same amount of money you started with, but you got the entertainment out of it unlike if you were playing at a much higher bet game, and lose all your money.


Next we have the internet slots that many of you probably play. You may be wondering why the internet slots are so popular. Well I’ll tell you that the answer is very easy to understand. First off you don’t have to drive all the way out to the casino to play the slots, and you can take breaks to rest, spend time with your family, or just relax without having to leave the casino, and then driving all the way back. Basically you can play from your house, whenever you wanted.

Another reason that Slot Machines are so popular is the fact that they are really entertaining, and you have the chance to win a huge Jackpot. You get the entertainment, and the fun out of playing the slots, and who knows, you can become very rich if you hit that Jackpot.

Now I have explained a few reasons why Slot Machines are so popular these days. From the entertainment value, to the cheap bets at the penny slots, to the Jackpots, Slot Machines are popular, and highly addictive. Well, maybe you know the fact, and realize why it’s the number one game played at the casino because you yourself have probably played the slots before on a couple occasions.